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Single Pro Dual Zone Target with Stand

Single Pro Dual Zone Target with Stand

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Pro Targets come as a next generation large and medium target with an adapter bracket. They can either be used as two separate targets ( medium plus large ) or combine to provide a two zone “head plus body” target. When combined, a hit is required on both zones to trigger and can be configured for 1 + 1 tap or 2 + 1 tap, with each zone hit logged individually for post action analysis, identifying the order and timing of hits. This provides maximum versatility for target use, either as a regular target range or as two zone targets for training purposes, providing a new level of configurability for enhanced El-Presidente style drills or Failure To Stop drills.

Pro Targets can be broken down and used as separate targets

Comes with:

1 x AttackSense Pro Dual Zone Target
1 x 2m Stand


Choose your power system, either mains powered or battery powered with a 4 way battery charger supplied.

Battery powered systems come with:

2 x AttackSense 3000mah LiOn rechargeable batteries


Mains powered systems come with:

2 x Hard Power Node
2 x Node Link Wire
Requires PSU, see accessories



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